CEO Salutation

Nakamura Motor Co., Ltd. suggests new technique by deciding a purpose based on a background!
The change speed of the recent times is terrible. The companies become extinct like a mammoth if they cannot follow this speed.
The change of a consciousness change, the organization of the unit is necessity to be the company which continues continuing.
I fix the environment where an employee can become independent because it is organized helping a visitor.
I vary from a result, the employee full of human being powers to an attractive entrepreneur wrestling eagerly.
I offer information in accord with the needs of the visitor simply because it is an entrepreneur and contribute to the society by creating correspondence adaptation to circumstances and new business-style and continue being the company which I retain it, and is required.
Because a way of working changed, I did not sell a thing and grew up to the suggestion type company to sell a thing.
I bring up an entrepreneur passing in the world and will contribute to world peace in future as a global company.